Thread: best way to stop pilling on fleece?

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    Default best way to stop pilling on fleece?

    I'm noticing my ~12 month old arcteryx fleece is starting to get some SERIOUS pilling going on - whats the best type of trimmer or whatever you guys have used? I don't want to drestroy the jacket in the process haha

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    Pilling is a sign that you're actually wearing your fleece! Too many people buy gear for the bling factor and don't really work it. I wouldn't shave the pilling.

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    I stopped buying the old style fleece and only buy the windstopper soft shell type now. No pilling and I find them better in almost every way.

    Not that that helps you, I would just wear it until it has no more life to give you.
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    Pilling is just a fact of life with fleece (I have some fleece stuff that is 20 years old now but still useable) , worry about something important instead .I agree with going the wind-stopper route where possible.
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    There are fabric shavers that will remove the pilling. I have one and it works very well.
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