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Thread: DIESEL 2012 Power Wagon - NOT

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    "...not available YET."

    Hope springs eternal.

    I updated the thread title so no one else has a brain aneurysm reading the first post.

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    ...but really you could make your own 3500 power wagon by adding a winch, selectable lockers and some in-cab swaybay dis-connects.
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    Yup...still unobtanium. I once spoke with a Dodge engineer who was working on Ram trucks. He told me that it would have to be a different diesel...still Cummins, perhaps...but a different physical size. They are worried about too much weight and that the Cummins sits too low for a "dedicated" offroad vehicle...clearance issues. Maybe the Italians will warm to the "demand"?
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    yep that's right used all the smileys that could be percieved as being unhappy with the situation.


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