As requested by John of ATW fame (yes I take requests) this is the tour of my 07 649 extra SWB
The Truck
canter and van small.jpg
the concept behind the design of the body was to carry all my wordly possesions and have a "ready in a minute" sleeping area
inside looking fwd sml.jpgtruck int 2 sml.jpg
the top half is a no clutter accomodation area that we use when we dont have the van in tow, you just pull out the weaco and roll out the bed, presto all weather accomodation in seconds
As we are on the road full time we carry everything
Under the floor I keep all my tools (welder etc) diving, fishing, camping and boat gear, it all fits (just)
The truck is fitted out with lighting, sound, 12 & 240 volt power, 100L of water and on board air
battery box.jpgbattery box 1.jpg
the starting batteries have been moved into the forward locker along with a 150aH AGM deep cycle battery, air compressor that feeds a 25Lt reciever, switch gear for the domestic services and high amp breaker for the winch. I also keep my ready use tools in there just in case.
cabin 1.jpg
The cab has been refitted with bucket seats and custom built floor and roof consoles. The keen eye among you may notice the Eaton Fuller "road ranger" gear shift. no it doesnt have a 12 speed box just the knob although it could do with some more gears past 5th for highway use
Theres also a small platform for the bird, he likes to see whats going on, but after hours of "jingle bells" being whistled in your ear he should ride in the back.
front 1.jpg
My latest additions are a set of lightforce 240's, LED day running lights(just in case you dont see it), and a 16500lb Mako winch

The Boat Loader
On top I carry 2 boats, a 3.5M tinnie set up for fishing and a 4M inflatable for diving
to get them on and off I use a "RHINO" boat loader customised to roll forward for travel
boat 1.jpgboat 4.jpgboat 5.jpg
At the moment its all handraulic but im working on a starter motor set up to automate it