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    All over the place. What day is it?



    For Immediate Release


    Team of Overland Adventurers Prepare to Travel the Globe


    Prescott, Ariz. (2012-02-17) - Overland Journal announces the Expeditions 7 Round-the-World Expedition.

    Overland International CEO Scott Brady announced today that he will lead a team of adventurers to all seven continents in two Toyota Land Cruisers.

    “We conceived the concept of traveling to all seven continents a few years back, but needed to find the best partners to achieve this significant undertaking,” said Brady. The lead driving team will be from Miller Motorsports Park, with Proffitt’s Cruisers providing the primary vehicle preparation services. Miller Motorsports Park is home to the new Land Cruiser Heritage Museum, which will house the most complete collection of ‘Cruisers in North America.

    The adventure will visit some extremely remote destinations, and follow many of the most historically-famous overland travel routes on the seven continents, including Prudhoe Bay, Trans-Iceland, NordKapp, the Road of Bones, the Canning Stock Route, Trans-Africa, and Ruta 40 to Ushuaia. The trip will end with Antarctica. “We have an exceptional team of drivers on this adventure; all with performance driving experience and all being Land Cruiser enthusiasts,” declared Brady.

    The expedition will cover approximately 30,000 miles and be broken up in to seven non-consecutive trips. The project is expected to begin in March 2012 with delivery of the vehicles to Proffitt’s Cruisers at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah for preparation.

    “For the expedition, the team has selected two VDJ78 V8 turbo-diesel Toyota Land Cruisers because of their legendary toughness and reliability. These trucks are a ‘best of breed’ for overland expeditions,” said Greg Miller, the team’s lead driver.

    The expedition will be featured in eight editorial segments for Overland Journal and the Land Cruiser preparation and expedition logistics will be available at An additional website ( is dedicated specifically to the expedition and will serve as a history of the project.
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    Overland International Inc. is the parent company for Overland Journal magazine, the Expedition Portal website and online community, and Expeditions West video and TV production. Each of these properties is a leader in its field. The company is a majority employee-owned business headquartered in Prescott, Arizona. and

    Miller Motorsports Park is a state-of-the-art road racing facility for automobiles, motorcycles and karts located just 35 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City in Tooele, Utah. It is considered the finest race track of its type in North America. Opened in 2006, Miller Motorsports Park hosts many of the world’s most significant racing series and is home to a performance driving and motorcycle school. Miller Motorsports Park is a division of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies.

    Proffitt’s Cruisers has been restoring and building custom expedition Toyota Land Cruisers for more than 12 years. Proffitt’s Cruisers has operations in Colorado and Utah and is a division of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies.


    Media Contacts:

    Ray Hyland
    Overland International
    Prescott, Ariz.
    (928) 777-8567

    John Gardner
    Miller Motorsports Park / Proffitt’s Cruisers
    Tooele, Utah
    (435) 277-8010
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    Best wishes to the E7 team! There is more information about the expedition route, vehicles and drivers on the website

    Here's a Land Cruiser 78 with V8 diesel engine. This is the Troop Carrier version, with the raised roof. Toyota also makes a station wagon version with a lower roof and four doors for passengers.

    The 78 series has several factory options useful for expedition use, including an auxilary fuel tank, air intake snorkle, skid plates and bull bars. With the auxiliary tank, fuel capacity is 180 liters, or about 47 US gallons. Factory estimate of fuel economy is 11.9 l/100km, or about 19 mpg (US gallons). Figuring the fuel economy to be much lower when loaded with gear and traveling in rough terrain, the range of the vehicle might be about 500 miles.

    It will be interesting to learn how the vehicles will be equipped for camping. Camping trailers? Rooftop tents? Also of interest, what special vehicle preparations will be made for Iceland and Antarctica?

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    Bon Voyage. We look forward to all the photos and reports
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    Here's a Youtube video that shows the vehicles after preparations were completed by Adventure Trailers and Proffitt's Cruisers. Note the skinny tires.

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    Since there is a thread to chat about progress by the Expeditions 7 team, I'm closing this thread and moving the posts over here:

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