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    Talking The replacement - 2004 HDJ100R Landcruiser

    After touring Australia for 3 years in the relative comfort of our 1997 HZJ80R Landcruiser, it was time to move on. After lengthy search, data analysis (read cost comparison) we found a suitable replacement. It arrived at our door in the early hours of the morning this past Tuesday.

    Vehicle specs:
    It’s a 2004 HDJ100R Landcruiser in GLX trim.
    1HD-FTE 4.2L 6 cylinder turbo charged diesel engine
    H151F 5 speed manual gearbox
    HF2A full time transfer case with a 1:1 ratio in high rage and 2.488:1 ratio in low range.
    Differential ratio is 4.11:1.
    139 742 Kms on the clock, two owners since new with excellent service history.

    A few shots from purchase day:

    The vehicle came with the following aftermarket accessories:
    • Safari snorkel
    • ARB winch compatible bull bar
    • 50 mm suspension lift (torsion bars are Old Man Emu, shocks are Bilstein 46mm and rear coils are heavy duty King units) more on this later.
    • IPF spot lights aussie style (one spot and one spread)
    • Original dual starting battery configuration has been changed to one starting and one deep cycle.
    • Tracklander full alloy roof rack (made in Western Australia)
    • Opposite lock dual rear wheel carrier rear bar with factory toyota tow bar.
    • Outback interior (ARB) roller drawer system
    • 3" mandrel bent exhaust system from the turbo back
    • Setinbauer diesel performance chip
    • Boggard turbo timer
    • ARB on board air compressor
    • Last but not least: Front and Rear ARB air lockers

    Now I typically buy stock vehicles then build them up myself. In this case I chose a different approach but it means I'll be spending my time fixing stuff from the previous owner that I don't like. So on that note...
    Items that need to be addressed immediately:
    • Remove chrome trim on wheel arches
    • Remove existing roof basket and replace with Wind Cheetah from 80.
    • Remove four front fog lights mounted on roof rack with all wiring.
    • Remove two rear HID lights mounted on roof rack with all wiring.
    • Put tools and recovery gear in drawer system
    • Prepare a comprehensive spares kit
    • Baseline maintenance

    Now the work begins on customising it to our travel needs.
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