Thread: where to buy 13.00 R20 / 365/85 R20 tires in South East Asia

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    Default where to buy 13.00 R20 / 365/85 R20 tires in South East Asia

    Hi all,

    We are currently in Thailand travelling overland from Czech Rep through Asia and back to Cz via China and Mongolia.

    My truck is a 1989 Magirus Deutz 120/16 ANW converted overland camper.

    We have had 2 blowouts recently so both spare 13.00 R20's (365/85 R20) have been destroyed. We need to find new tires somewhere in the Thailand/Malaysia region for our return journey through China/Mongolia home.

    It seems that this size of tire is not easy to find in South East Asia. We could ship them from Europe but it will be very expensive and take time.

    Does anyone know a source for these tires in this part of Asia?

    We only have a few weeks before we need to depart for Laos so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I hope someone can help! I too may need similar information as I use the same size tyre. I could not get this size of tyre in Ireland, but when I pushed hard at a continental dealer, they phoned "up the supply chain" and agreed to import them specially for us.

    I presume you've tried this:


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