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    Default P38 Factory Winch Install Warn XD9000 CE

    I bought a factory P38 winch tray and Warn XD9000 CE winch from a guy selling his P38 on craigslist a few weeks ago. I finally got around to installing it this weekend and of course, it took me much longer than expected. I also ran into a few differences from the factory instructions. The most notable being the bracket to hold the selenoid pack does not fit on a 2001 RR because the secondary air injection pump is right where the end of the bracket should be. The truck I took the winch off of was a 98 (GEMS) and had plenty of room there, right next to the fusebox. I mounted the selenoid pack underneath the fusebox and drilled an extra hole in the post holding the fusebox. It is a tight fit but seems to work and gives enough length to run the wires to the winch. The other issue I had was that I made the slats in the bumper too small (yes, you have to cut the bumper) and cutting the bumper while mounted to the truck is much harder than when it is off.The winch i got was in fantastic shape and the tray just had some minor surface rust. I spent some time cleaning it up and repainted it hammer finish black to match my sliders. We will see how long the finish will hold up. You can also still see some surface rust on the fairlead that I will bead blast in the future when I get a synthetic rope.

    Some pics:
    Bumper and brushbar removed:

    Bumper for cut-outs:

    Right bracket attached with wiring. The wiring was ultimately re-routed to the left and higher to come out near the front fans. The yellow plate is the Southdown front steering guard.

    Left bracket attached:

    Selenoid pack under the fusebox:

    Winch installed!

    with the factory front winch cover:

    The front cover is missing a few of the spring bolts for attachment. If anyone knows where I can get some, I would appreciate it. I will go to Lowe's but they don't look common and with all things rover, they will probably be impossible to find.

    I will try and get some pics in the light. I finally finished about 10pm last night!
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    Looks great! Hoping to do the same on my 1999 P38. Look forward to more pics!

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    That's a really clean install!
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    That's a nice setup. Thanks!
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