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Thread: Garmin GPSMAP 62stc Handheld Navigator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    I may look at the Montana one and compare it to the 62.
    Yeah, I would rather have a dedicated GPS unit that use my phone which is a lot more delicate.

    I still may check out Back Country Navigator though for the Droid.
    I use BCN a LOT when I'm using my phone in the car (and plugged in), and I also use it on a hacked Nook for a nice 7" display (this is a great offroad setup). I also use it when I'm on day hikes out of cell service and I want to use Google Terrain - you can find (semi-hacked) ways to d/l the Terrain maps and then use them offline in BCN. Well worth the $10 to get it and Nathan (the developer) is very quick to fix issues and is constantly working on updates.

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    I too started with an etrex, and upgraded to a 62s. I use it as my main GPS, hiking, MTBiking, and in the truck. I have it powered through my rear view mirror, and suction-cupped to the windshield up high. Despite what the Garmin "experts" told me, it automatically powers on and off with the truck, and when you add a Garmin 28k TOPO maps microSD card, it offers turn by turn directions. There is no voice, but a simple series of beeps and arrows to guide you through city streets.

    As a mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding tool, it works really well. You can use the Garmin software to upload your own .PDF maps to the unit, which means you can utilize maps of ski resorts, or campgrounds, etc. Building .KMZ files from scratch, and downloading other people's files, have both been pretty intuitive too.

    Initially I thought i'd add the external antenna, but i haven't had any issues with acquiring satellites yet, so i will probably skip it. In fact the only issue I have found with it has been in city driving. Trying to use the unit to find a "starbucks" or "chevron" requires you to manually search through a list. Using the turn by turn feature is much less cumbersome if you have an address to enter. Small complaint, but it's there.

    Hope that helps!

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    Mine works fine without an external antenna also. I think the main draw for me over the smart phone, was the battery life, and toughness. When I go on hikes, I stick in an external pocket and leave it on all day tracking, and its super easy to mark POI. I dont have to worry about it when the sand kicks up, it starts raining, or get bumped on rocks. It is a pain to put detailed names, but that can be done later. I do carry my smart phone also, each has its place, but the phone definitely wont track very long on the battery. The phone will geo-tag pics too.
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    Thanks Dan and Gary.
    I am looking at the Montana again too, I remember I was subscribed this this thread.
    It has a nice huge screen, which is a plus for my mid 50s eyes

    I will look at the pros/cons of each unit, then decide later, and maybe look at some other units too.

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    I went another direction. The new eTrex 10/20/30s have nearly identical features to the 62s for about 50-70% the price, depending on which models you look at. They also include reception of the russian based satellites. I bought a 30 for the e-compass. Great unit, excellent screen quality.

    Downside is the screen is small, as are all eTrex and 60/62 series size units.
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