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    Default Giant Mobile Battery

    Not sure how it relates to expeditioning but it is worth considering, if it's compatible.

    IMIEV Mobile Power Source

    Now, I don't know how compatible it would be as I have no experience of hybrid vehicles and their systems. Considering it plugs into the charging outlet for the car I would assume that those points have a greater throughput of power.

    I would also hope that those are not all-electric cars they are pulling the power from because if so someone seems to think that the electric cars generate their own power with a combustion engine... Nah, they wouldn't be that daft, right?

    Thanks to Ernie on the MH list for that link

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    Yes, that is an all-electric car. I think they are seeing it as a temporary power source during power outages - sort of like what a UPS does for a computer. This would not work well for camping, but then an electric car would not work well for a camping trip anyway due to their limited range.

    A scientist-engineer type that I have worked with a few times used a similar concept with a hybrid car. He hooked up a small inverter to the car's battery to power our test equipment. The car would auto-start the engine when the battery got low. It would be a very expensive generator if you bought it just for that, but very handy for our occasional use. I cold see using this setup for weekend camping. You would want to have a nearly-full gas tank when you set up camp of course.

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    My sister and her husband have one. Range is only 80 miles.

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    1800$ for 5-6hrs of use? I'm going to start selling diesel generators in Japan.

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