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    The lights have been awesome the last week. This is my first time to shoot them. Unfortunately it is still -20 up here so taking pictures of them can be a pain. I only have a Canon XTI and the 18-55 kits lens and a nifty-fifty (but it is not wide enough for me). All of these were taken either from my back porch or my driveway. They are all straight out of camera (only resized for web).








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    Wow. Fantastic. I am very bummed to be missing this winter in AK.

    When I was last there in November the snow was already great and now Girdwood has something like 600"... and all reports say the aurora has been outrageous....
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    Yeah it's been crazy. I live just outside Fairbanks, and Anchorage is just a few inches from their all time record snowfall. With another month of winter to go, I am sure they will surpass it. This is my last winter up here, we are moving in Jun so I am trying to get all the pictures I can. I just wish it would warm up a little. Lol I would take zero at night just so I could take more pictures.

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