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Thread: How do you make this work?

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    Excellent points and very helpful.

    I once heard a man say "everyone says they want more time, but always opt for more money", it is very difficult to avoid this mindset. I earn only around 75% of what most in my field make, but I am able to spend time with my family. I drive an old toyota 4x4 and I am comfortable never owning a new car, etc...

    I know a woman who has a large house. Her electric bill is $1200 USD per month. In my mind I say 'wow I would have to work x hours more every month'

    it is all a matter of perception

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    I own a distribution company and a grocery store im lucky enough my dad can run one while my wife runs the other (plus employes) I ask for an allowance X and have a emergency fund just in case I have to fly back or replace en engine etc..

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    Doing trips like this are relatively easy, the determination to carry it off is the issue.

    The saving
    The down sizing
    The 300usd runarround and not the 300usd car payment
    The sitting in cooking rather than out with the mates on the town.
    making a sacrifice to make a life changing trip.

    Lots of large employers these days allow a non paid personal leave, if they don't -well just leave.

    I think every long term traveller has his life changed by the experience both in the saving down sizing phase and also the trip its self

    many never return - others find a home along the way - some fail and come running back to mum and dad.

    Most travellers I have met are the most down to earth self content people I have met,

    they have been inversley happy with their life.

    ie having nothing but a back pack to their name, and experiencing the sunrise over Machu Pichu- or visiting the Gorrilas in Virunga

    V's huge bills car payments and a cubicle...............

    me I never stopped..........left the UK at 21 and I'm now 25 years and counting !

    Mind you as I get closer to 50 I'm tending to lean towards a proper home and a cottage job

    I quite fancy learning how to black smith and build stuff in my garage for fun and payment !

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