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    Default Just a little family tour, mostly paved

    Just got around to putting pics on photobucket and thought what the heck, it's been a while since I posted anything, and it was an interesting trip even though the 4x was limited to one afternoon. Bonus pics of a home built Mercedes 4x4 camper from England that some of you may recognize.

    I can't get the hang of the new pic posting routine so i'll just link to asv.
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    Nice to see a photo taken in WA state with the sun out! Looks like you had a great trip. I've eaten lunch at that spot below Dry Falls a couple of times. Awesome rock walls around it. I'm dying to get out and head east over the mountains for some dry weather. Just need to scrape up a $150 for a little trip over the pass...
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    Nice shots, Tom!

    How did Olivia handle the trip? We just did another camping weekend with Annika and she did mostly great, but I do think 2-3 days is sort of our limit right now until she's a bit older.
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