Thread: Snowpeak Fireplace For Grilling?

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    Default Snowpeak Fireplace For Grilling?

    Anyone use the fireplace for grilling?

    I,m trying to decide on the BBQ Box or get a fireplace setup with a grill.

    The goal is double duty if the trade off isn't too great.


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    I have the Lg Snow Peak Fireplace and really like it. I purchased the coal plate at the bottom and it makes a big difference.

    I grill on it most of the time and like the fact the it doesn't leave a mark (burn area) on the ground.

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    +1 on the fireplace for grilling, I use mine all the time, even at home. I also have the LG size and the coal plate is definitively worth getting. It works great for double duty, when I'm done BBQ'ing I just toss some logs on the embers --> instant camp fire. One of my absolute fave gadgets
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