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    Well it’s that time a year again to start planning our great escapes into the wilderness for nice quiet weekends by the warm campfires, and a time to make new memories.
    As a parent with a child who has special needs I wanted to share a with you that adventuring is not impossible if you plan accordingly and are brave LOL as a matter of a fact the Fed have a special “Access Pass” for reduced camping and free day use to the national parks.
    All States offer programs and or reduced camping and free park access for families who have special needs, Low Income Senior citizens, Foster Parents and our wonderful disabled service Vets.
    US fed Pass information is located at
    Also Check with your State & County parks department for similar programs granted disabled plates and handicapped parking plaques will work as passes as well
    As far as equipment and supplies got just or pack and plan for everything then we are always covered if you guys want to chat or need more info let me know I might be able to help out

    Have Great time Adventuring here is a favorite poem we have and it applies so much to all kid

    Play with me

    I tried to teach my child with books
    He gave me only puzzled looks
    I tried to teach my child with words
    They passed him by often unheard
    Despairingly I turned aside
    "How shall I teach my child?" I cried
    Into my hand he put the key
    "Come," he said, "play with me"

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    Thanks for posting up this information! While my wife and I don't have special needs children she is a teacher of special needs children at the kinder/pre-k level. She may have some families that could use this information.

    I have to admit that your little poem was quite touching. Very nice and it too will be shared with my wife.
    Peace and Mud,
    Patrick, Cyndi, Genavieve, & Rhyse

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    thank you so very much i love working with special needs children as we run a few program for them though our church one is an online support group called the special child exchange the other is a adult Sunday school program our website for our support group is this is a safe place for famlies to exchange ides and requirement and supplies.

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