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Thread: Paranoid About Security: Attempted Breakin

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    REDrum's two cents...FWIW (in order of preference)....and pretty much just reinforcing what others above had noted.

    1) Do what you can not to draw attention to your truck. Ie no $4K MTBs or kevlar kayaks on the roof

    2) Good remotely triggered exterior light and horn system

    3) Non lethal defense implement ie tazar, pepper spray, baseball bat

    4) Lethal self defense: gun, knife, flame thrower...

    Side note/rant: 20 years ago my order would have been reversed... I have had concealed carry permit for 25 years and was an ISPC and PPC competitor for >10 years. I am fully trained and capable with the defensive use of side arm. However, today, I would only consider "clearing leather" in a scenario were bodily harm to me or a loved one was imminent. While many of us have fantasy about bustin' a cap in some perp's ***, IMO, it is far far easier to let replaceable property go to criminals than to have to deal with the social consequences of taking someone's life. If anyone here is considering a sidearm for personal protection while overlanding, I strongly encourage you to read Massad Ahoob's book "In the gravest extreme". Massad has been instructing law enforcement, security, and civilians on firearms and personal protection for 30 years. While you may not agree with my position, or Massad's similar one, the book bring home a lot of legal, social, and ethical issues around using a lethal weapon in self defense.
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    99% of thieves want nothing to do with *people* -- they just want your stuff. They will leave as soon as they realize that someone is inside. So, simply reach up, smack the side of the shell and yell "What the f***!?!?!". Lets be realistic here - as much as we'd all like to remove liars and thieves from the gene pool, there's no reason to be pointing guns and threatening to kill anyone as the initial response to a petty thief - that response should be reserved for people who fall far lower on the social totem pole.
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    Glocks aren't that expensive, and-oh wait you're in The People's Republic of Kalifornia. Damn shame.

    I'd advise a move, but that may not been in the cards. Tasers, blunt instruments, and pepper spray then.

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    Since you live live in Commifornia I'd suggest you get a pepper blaster. Then rig up your lights and horn to be able to trigger them from wherever you sleep. Instead of the horn a PA speaker would be even better. You could even aim it at the door or doors if you get more than one. They are also really good to let people know how close they were to getting hit when they cut you off, or going 45 in the fast lane on the highway.

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    Though any ol' 28oz framing hammer is an acceptable field expedient substitute

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    Default security

    Starlights, Inc makes a great motion sensor security light.
    Great thing about it is that it blinks a blue light during day, at night a green blinking light, You get within about 20' and LED lights the area up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDrum View Post
    I strongly encourage you to read Massad Ahoob's book "In the gravest extreme"
    I agree Massad is a very wise man. His last name is Ayoob, (aHoob was a typo).

    I keep a ball peen hammer handy in the truck when traveling outside Canada, along side my three dogs. In my home country that is augmented with something in a .45 cal flavor. I've never even had to show it to a human, but it has been used successfully to deter four legged trouble makers. My friends in the federal police up here say "if you have to defend yourself, make sure yours is the only statement taken by the police".

    Wasp spray is also a great deterrent when sprayed at an attackers face. It is totally legal in all 50, Canada and Mexico. I also find it usefull for killing wasps.
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    Yup. Dead men tell no tales.
    Build thread

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    Nice discussion and a lot of good posts. When the OP was lying there per his initial post...we can likely all put ourselves in that type of general situation, at least mentally. What I would want are options. Because these situations can vary so much...a range of options is just sound preparation - like having a good map, extra food and water on a wilderness journey.

    My first option is having if availalble some type of physical this case I would have the cap lockable/latchable from the inside. The ideas about an audible/light alarm are also good IMO. Then we have the non-leathal options (OC, Bear Spray, Wasp Spray)...these are nearly all dooable about anywhere in the world in variation - for instance my OC is a no-no in Canada...but Bear Spray is ok.

    Axes, knives, spears & big frying pans...that's another step up to a level of force that is reasonably capable of causing physical injury or death. I think this option has to be filtered through several factors, to include: the specific threat you face, the law, your mental outlook, your physical ability & have to figure this one out individually. Just because you have this option "ready at hand"...i'll note a few points: Having it and using it are not the same thing (cases abound where persons had a defense weapon...and did not get to use it, or choose not to use it, or it did not produce the effect needed quick enough). There are also times when the mere display of such an option has stopped the event...and times where the display/threat of this type of option has escalated an incident. After all is sald and done...if you cause a serious injury or death, you have a long road ahead of you - which is still a hell of a lot better than being dead!

    Guns...the final step up. Most of the above applies...there is no tolerance by law enforcement/courts/communites for any errors in fact or even perception where you use a gun and it causes an injury or death.

    I would strongly caution against any "fake threat" display of say targeting someone with a laser, flare gun, air soft look a like as a defense weapon or to make "a statement". There is no actual effectivness and in a confrontation it reasonably could be perceived as a deadly threat.

    No matter what out of the above you choose...likely it is better than just laying in your bag breathing heavy and "wishing" you had somethinig!

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