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Thread: Seeking 1st Motorcycle

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    The TW200 is a great bike! I used on in my MFS beginner course and they are a blast. I ended up getting a great deal on a DRZ400s and its great for me. I live on dirt roads, so it handles the dirt great, but is powerful enough to get down the road. Seat isn't great, but its a great all around bike for a beginner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinuhexavier View Post
    Buy this one.
    This is a steal.
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    I'm similar size to you -- 5'7", 31" inseam, 140lbs -- and I ride a regular height KLR 650.

    When I learned to ride a few years ago I chose a DR200 and it was a hoot and worked well for me. Its lower, lighter, will go slowly on trails, fast enough on roads (65 MPH without a headwind) and has great range due to great gas mileage and a comparatively large tank.

    If you want to learn to ride on a small bike it really doesn't matter which one you pick. You'll be able to sell it for almost what you paid for it when the time is right to move on.

    Life is too short to pick one bike and ride it forever so don't panic about buying your first bike because it won't be your last.
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