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    ***SOLD***Adventure Trailer - Horizon 2007 Model for Sale - ***TRAILER HAS BEEN SOLD****Excellent condition with nose box, two fuel cans, 19-gal water tank w pump, 2 burner stainless steel stove, propane tank, 12-volt aux system, deep cycle battery w/ charger, roof top (king size) tent, several multi axis couplers, rear stabilizer, LED light, two trucker DC blankets, mounted high lift jack, almost new 10-ply tires on black hubs with two alike mounted spares. Must sell due to illness. Located in Georgetown, TX. Photos available on request. $13,000 -- REDUCED TO $11,000.
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    PM sent

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    Is the trailer still for sale?

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    I wish!! it says sold in the title, but.... Hopefully it is and some pictures will show up. I REALLY wish that the threads would be deleted on here once something sells!! It's frustrating as hell when you're searching for something only to find out that it's SOLD!! ...

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    No! Don't delete the threads, pricing history is very valuable info for future buyers AND sellers
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