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    Default SAS on 1995 chevy c1500

    I want to do a Solid axle swap but dont have the money. I just ant to do a dead axle up front on leaf sprigs. Any ideas?

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    Check out my build:
    Somewhere in there I posted links that were usefull for me. There is one of a guy who did his own useing spring hangers from a blazer.
    I happen to have an Off Road Direct SAS kit to sell. You can see a pick of it also in my build thread.

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    This is easy and hard. I have done many sas or sac. Its all about part collecting and reading. Collect as much information as you can ask questions.

    Now I will say I hated my sonoma after the swap. It was so much fun 2wd I still had fun with the 4wd but not as much. I will sas my 93suburban in the next few years. The Lady loves it so it will be done but so will her Tahoe.
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