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    Default Here's a video I think you all might like

    Hey guys,

    Not really referring to the actual sport part of it, but watch the first little bit and drool over what you know you WISH you had! haha

    I wish my life was like this!
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    Why all the running ? he could have just carried on in the landrover !!!

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    The training is for when the Rover won't start...
    Great clip, thanks for sharing!!
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    Thankyou for sharing this clip like him I like to Mountain Bike Ride But for fun , exercise as well as it slows me down to see all there is to see and photograph, must admit I love returning to my RRclassic :-)

    cheers Mate
    We were born to Explore in 4x4 with 2 diffs and Winch with a wrench:-)T.Austin

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