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    Just wanted to share that we recently received the new "Alex Special" MASTER PULL Rally Recovery gear for use in our FIA homologated Pug in the Americas and in Europe, as well as the M4000 kit that we plan on using for our Jeep Speed/Ultra rig, and our classic 1972 K5 show truck.

    Pictured here in the black colored bag is the famous M4000 kit and the new Rally Recovery kit in the red bag.

    Weight is very important in an FIA rally event since you get checked everytime you drive back into Parc Ferme. So lightweight gear is a must. Our rally car is limited in space and we prefer to carry only what we need. Alex of Master Pull put together this cool new recovery kit for our homologated rally car.

    Here is a pic of where we will be strapping in securely this bag containing the recovery gear.

    The recovery bag contains the following part numbers
    TRW034020 - MP Super Yanker White 3/4" x 20' 19,000lbs. Kinetic tow rope.
    S02200 - MP 5/16" Heavy Duty Sling with hooks w/ safety latch for 22,000 lbs on both ends.
    Cool Accessories Red Bag 17x7x9 that fits great in our rally car or your overland rig.

    The hooks work great with our FIA approved recovery links located on the front and rear of the Peugoet 206XS.

    Video footage coming soon of how we strapped in the bag and how easy it is to get the gear and how to use it.

    Thanx again Masterpull for developing this unique and high quality recovery gear. Gracias Alex for inventing this for our rally needs.

    For more info please contact ask for Alex
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