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    If you are interested you are welcome to the Central Asian expedition. Look at
    There you will find a description of the expedition, or send me an email I will send you a presentation of the expedition with foto and video links of my previous expeditions to Central Asia
    My mail:


    Expedition start 15 VII 2012 in Poland ( Warsaw) duration 15500 km in 36 days or (with around Baikal lake) 19500 in 44 days


    Phase 1 Poland-Ukraine-Russia
    The Ukrainian part of the expedition we treat as an Inter connection. We only plan to visit Sevastopol with its Black Sea Navy port, the only underground submarine base opened for visitors, situated couple of kilometers far from the city and Yalta, the place where part of modern history was written.

    Phase 2 Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan
    We will cross the border with Kazakhstan near Astrakhan. The track will lead through the steppes between the Caspian and Aral Seas. We will pass Atyrau and Kulsara (a city, where you will find on the streets camels and Lexuses moving around in full symbiosis). Past the village Beyneu we will cross the border with Uzbekistan. Our route will lead to the village Munyak, where you will find the last existing ship graveyard in the Aral Sea. In addition to the interesting and unusual view on the ships stuck in a desert, we will see a cliff of the former Aral Sea.
    Then we will drive to Samarkand and Bukhara where we will visit the architectural monuments coming from magnificent times of the Silk Road. Next we move towards the capital of Uzbekistan. After passing Tashkent we will drive into the Uzbek part of the Tien Shan mountains. We will visit the Chatkalski National Park where you can meet white snow tigers and bears living in the wilderness.
    Then the route will lead through mountain roads in the south-east direction.

    Phase 3 Kyrgyzstan
    We will cross the Kyrgyz border near the city of Dzhalal Abad. Our next goal will be the Song Kul Lake. We will also visit one of the best preserved caravanserai in the valley of Tash-Rabat.
    In Kyrgyzstan we will use the side roads located mainly in the mountains. After a hard time in the mountains we will have a nice rest on the shore of the mountain lake Issyk - Kul. Located 1608 m above sea-level, the lake covers an area of 6 236 km2. Thus, it is considered the second largest mountain lake of the world after the lake Titicaca. Its maximum depth is 668 m, with an average depth of about 270 m. The lake is 182 km long (the east-west axis) and 58 km wide (the north-south axis). The legend says that in 1218 the Genghis Han gold was sunk in the lake . Next day we will hit a mountain valley and continue to the peak Jengish. You will be able to drive at an altitude of about 4000 m and to cross the pass Tuz Ashuu, accessible normally only for horses. We will spend the night close to the hot springs on the banks of the river Engelcheck. Here we will finish our adventure with Kyrgyzstan and will head for the border with Kazakhstan.

    Phase 4 Kazakhstan
    First night we will spend in one of the most famous canyons in the world - Charyn Canyon. Another place to visit will be Altyn Emel National Park with its rare rock formations and the famous “singing dunes”. After this dose of natural attractions we will go back in time to the Cold War era. Near the town of Saryozek, we will visit the only ballistic missile SS-18 complex, which has not been destroyed. Then our track will lead towards Semipalatinsk. On the way we will drive off the track towards the border of China to move to ... Mars. Views that we will see in Kiin Kirish can not be compared to anything.

    Phase 5 Russia (Altai Mountain- Republic of Tuva)
    We will cross the border with Russia near the town Borodulikha and you drive in the beautiful Altai country. Driving east towards the border with Mongolia, we will enter into one of the most unusual of autonomous republics of Russia - to Tuva, famous for its beautiful landscapes.
    There, our way will lead through the tracks which have been explored only by one non-local traveler, who did it on a motorbike.
    Exploration of Tuva will begin at the border with Mongolia. Then we will turn off the main road to go to Khyzyl Khaya. Then driving along the border zone, we will reach Mugur Aksy, and then through Chadan we will reach a larger city of Kyzyl. After passing Kyzyl, we will continue a faster track driving 300 km by paved road to reach the city of Minusimsk. There we will turn north to drive 500 km over a deserted road leading along the railway. Our real adventure will end around 50 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk.

    Phase 6 Around Baikal Expedition
    The pioneering expedition around Lake Baikal, will be the challenge for participants. The route will start after close to Kansk, where we will drive off the main road. Then one day trip to Irkutsk (950 km) and the road to Ust Ordynsk, a road which does not exist on any maps. From there we will drive along the BAM to reach Severobaikalsk. After couple of hours, we will drive south to enter a road which is impassable in summer. Over the next 300 kilometers we will fought with the track and with our weaknesses. After 3 days we should reach the village of Ust Barguzin how further to the south leads a decent grade gravel road.

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    Expedtion video presentation

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