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    Angry Flippac Hinge replacement...

    Hi, OK so, the other day when I was closing up the Flippac. The drivers side hinge (the top portion that fits into the top lid). Broke !!!!@@@@$$%%%. Need I say more!
    Do any of you other owners have ideas for lifting the top and replacing the hinge or any other incite on Flippac ownership. When i got the unit last summer I was super psyched about it. Now, I am considering selling because, as we all know, customer service from Flippac is worse than a joke and some of the other design flaws/craftsmanship isn't up very high. The hinge breaking happened only a few hours after the fuel pump quit on my truck. Ideas, comments?
    ps somewhere I heard/read a rumor that there was a bad batch of hinges. From looking inside the break I am not surprised. It is just cheap cast pot metal. Perhaps a redesign of the entire lid/hinge/lift configuration is in order. Why doesn't someone out there buy that portion of the business from Flippac and redesign and run the company properly? Great concept very poorly executed
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    I agree with you 100%. Flip pac needs a new home. If it was me in your shoes I would take it apart and have a new piece made. Ask around and find a good machine shop and have them copy it. Big pain in the *** but it would probably be quicker than dealing with Flip Pac. If and when my torsion bar breaks. I'm going to switch to a set of gears and a crank handle. I have seen a post were this has happened. and A.T. sent them a new hinge and he talks about replacing it.

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    Interesting. Gears? Just how would that be configured? I did find a hinge. However, not from Flippac. 0410021136.jpg0410021138.jpg

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    Default Hinge fix

    I recently purchased a used Flippac that had a broken hinge that was repaired by the previous owner. He removed it, had a new one cut from steel and replaced it. It is much stronger than the original aluminum part. It was quite easy (depending on skill level). The lid/bed area was lifted vertically from a tree branch w/ block and tackle after being unbolted. Parts were removed, taken to a metal shop to be fabricated and installed in reverse order with a backing plate installed along the inside of the lip.

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    Contact Diane at FRP or even Mario at AT, replacement OEM hinges can be had and is not all that complex really to repair.

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