Sorry guys, Im not on any photography forums etc so this is the only place I can ask!

I am looking to upgrade my Nikon D70s for which I have 3 lenses. Stock 18-70, 105mm Macro and 70-300 G series.

I didnt want to spend a huge amount on an upgrade (D7000 out) so I was thinking the D90 was my best choice. Then I saw Ken Rockwell recommend the D5100 over the D90, which got me thinking and then searching.

For starters the D90 is 700 here in the UK with 18-105? VR kit lens and the D5100 is 530 with 18-55 VR kit lens, so there is a fair saving.

My initial worry was that the 5100 was a bit gimicky but on closer inspection it has all the adjuster dials at hand I usually use anyway (EV, AF lock, ISO, focus area etc) I read the viewfinder is larger on the D90 and uses a proper pentaprism (over a pentamirror). My thinking was that the D90 was closer in build and design to my D70.

But Im starting to think the D5100 will be good enough.

So the question is, Is there anything on the D90 that I would miss over the D5100? Is there anything on the D70s that I would miss by moving to the D5100?

Bear in mind that I can only compare to my D70s as I have not been in to town to look at either of these 2 yet.