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    Default truck recommendations for a fwc eagle

    I inherited a 1984 fwc eagle camper. Now I need to get a truck to put it on. I'm not looking to get a new truck. I was thinking of something from the 90's. The three things I judge a vehicle on are reliability, easy maintenance, gas mileage. I'm a bit of a shady tree mechanic and like to do my own work. I was thinking maybe a jeep comanche with the 4L inline 6. Anyways, just curios what other people would do in my situation.

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    Toyota Tacoma, but I am biased.

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    My favorites are the Toyota Truck (pre-Tacoma) and Nissan Hardbody (pre-Frontier). I think the perfect combination would be a '95 or earlier Toyota Truck with a 2.7L Tacoma engine swapped into it.
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