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    Default Earthcircuit the easy way: Around the world in an unusual fashion...

    London - Moscow - Vladivostok - Seoul - Vancouver - Oakland - Slab City - Mexico City - San Pedro Sula (and on around the world...).

    We've been on the road for exactly two years today, driving an old wheelchair bus from England, working where we can and having the time of our lives. We're squatters from London, we love hanging out at free festivals getting wasted, we have a dog, we have a crusty old bus and we're doing all this on the cheap...

    For these reasons, I thought we could bring something different to the on-line world of overlanding: Need information on the new Amur Highway across Siberia? How to ship across the Pacific? How to live for free in British Columbia? How to earn loads of money in America? How to get from Palenque to Tikal in less than a day? How to protect your temperate dog from the tropics? How to prolong the life of a seemingly dead camera battery? How to overland without buying a brand new expensive vehicle staying in RV parks all the way...


    At the moment we are in Honduras, Central America, heading to Colombia. Sometime in the future we would like to catch a boat from French Guyana to Dakar and drive back up to Europe through the Western Sahara. If anyone's got any how-to's relevant to our plans, we'd love to here about them...

    Visit our project website for more information, see some of the things we've been up to, maybe even learn about some countries that you probably never knew existed...
    facebook group: Earthcircuit

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    That's a very different blog! And it's great. I've just had a super 30 minutes looking it over, and I'm going back for more. Keep up the good work :-)


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    Hey guys,

    It seems you are as passionate about sharing Overland information as I am....

    After driving Alaska->Argentina, I created http://Wikioverland, the encyclopedia of Overland Travel. Have a look around and let me know what you think.
    If you'd like to add information, or post a link on your blog to it, that would be much appreciated!

    Around Africa in a Jeep Wrangler JK @ The Road Chose Me (previously Alaska->Argentina)
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    -- - Everything you need to know to Travel Overland across a country, continent or the world.

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    Thanks Merv - it's getting improved as and when I find the mind space...
    Dan, that's an interesting project,,, but its an immense one as so many rules/regulations change all the time - it would be good to have a comprehensive list of all the blogs and forums out there with a good search facility.... Nicaragua for instance - I just read that right-hand drive vehicles are banned from Nica!

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