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    Took the Heeps.. umm I mean Jeeps to the wild's of South Central NM. West of Elephant Butte Lake.
    We fueled up in T or C ( I'll bet you know why its called T or C). Anyway we hit the dirt on FR 139 (Degrees and decimal minutes (Lat Lng):
    N 33 23.281' W 107 16.181')


    We got in to late to find the Luna Park CC. Hot dogs and Smores umm.

    1st camp.jpg

    Here is Luna Park CC. If you like climbing or have a burning desire to set up a Zip line this a great place.

    Luna Park.jpg

    Most topo's list the road ending just North of Luna Park put it doesn't in fact you can take it to the Springtime CC
    Here is a pic of Springtime CC very nice and clean. There are great wooden half shelters about 8x8x8 that would keep
    most wind and rain off tents.


    Jeep Represent Yoo.

    ready set go.JPG

    We headed back the Luna Park road then SW along FR 139 to the town of Monticello.
    Took 142 or FR 139 NW from Monticello toward the Monticello Box
    Followed Alamosa Creek NW until 142 turned into FR 140

    Lunch at Alamosa Creek
    and took time to wash the Jeeps.

    wash the jeep.jpg

    And her Stu breaks a Fan Clutch. The Super Jeep is mortal.


    The legendary Monticello Box great place to cool off during the Summer heat and
    some good Geocaching.


    From the Box we headed North on HY 52 then turned NE on to FR 549 (Degrees and decimal minutes (Lat Lng):
    N 33 43.413' W 107 39.672)
    Here is a pic of Bear Trap Campground.

    Bear trap.jpg

    Due to my sick Jeep and timing issues we had to head back early. We continued on FS 549 to Hy 60 and then E.
    Don't let the hot flat mesa fool you. This area is full of cool narrow shelf roads, canopy forests, high passes to explore and clean campground to rest your feet.

    Only in a Jeep.

    13 Unlimited Rubi.
    Never underestimate the relevance of what you create.

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    One of my favorite areas to explore.

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    Yea buddy I love Monticello! It looks like you had a good time. It's a great time of year to explore that area.

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    Thanks for the posts. NM is rockin now the temps are between 35-80.
    13 Unlimited Rubi.
    Never underestimate the relevance of what you create.

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    I love Cibola. I use to hike there alot when I lived in ABQ. I would love to move back..

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