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    Hey there guys ,
    Here is something different. I bought this 2000 Y61 Nissan Patrol with 60K miles 4 years ago. Its a GL base model, stick , auto/manual locking front hubs and with only rear LSD, but wearing Nissans famed H260 rear diff and H233b front differential which are said to be immortal and close in size to a Dana 60. Engine is a gasoline in line 6 shoc 4.5 liter engine from Nissan, called TB45E. It has 205 Hp peak horsepower. This engine is still used nowadays in many large Forklifts !!! It has only 8.3:1 compression ratio so it can run on cheap fuel, although it is smog legal with cat.
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    He copied my 1st posting on my Y61 buildup ...... this is a fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2000 Nissan Patrol Y61 4.5lt , 4" OME lift kit, 35" Cooper STT, ARB bull bar, ARB roof rack, Safari Snorkel, IPF 900XS

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