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    So I recently started smelling burnt clutch while driving. 3.4L/5 speed/4x4. Even on very gentle/slow starts and shifts I am getting it. I have recently started towing a tent trailer, but have not experienced the smell at all while towing--I don't mind putting in a clutch, but it just seemed weird that it would start while I'm not towing and driving it really easy. I have not noticed a drop in acceleration or a discrepancy between rpms/speed. I don't have any brakes sticking either. Any other possibilities, or does it just sound like a clutch? I do not know if prior owner replaced clutch and I have had it for a little over a year.

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    well how high is the clutch pedal engaging the clutch? If its not engaging until just about where you let your foot off the pedal, its time for a new one. Get something a little stronger than the stock one if your towing...theyre easy to ride and burn up. Go for a stage 3 setup - they feel relatively stock like, maybe a little heavier on the pedal, but grab & hold like nobody's business.
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