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Thread: CAMPTEQ's 80 Series Land Cruiser pop top Prototype

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    Subscribed!! Great job, would really like to see where the price is going to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecriscokid View Post
    I have had a couple of foul weather nights so far. I live at 7500ft right as the mountains turn to desert and have had plenty of wet days camping. Hence the pop top! The fabrics I have picked for my first test are 8oz Outdura fabrics, rot and mildew resistant and water beads off of it. It is one of the lighter fabrics that I will offer. The 8oz is very quite in the 40+mph winds that it has seen. I have spent hundreds of nights in a Westfalia that was 20yrs old. This is the fabric of choice for a lot of Westfalia owners
    I will have an option for a burlier fabric that is impervious to any water. The top inch of the covered wall could have mesh to aid with moisture and air flow,or not
    I currently have some water sitting on the fabrics as my camera battery charges. I'll update with some picks.
    The interior finish of the vehicle has simply been to pull the headliner tight and use factory color match edge trim, like what is around your door.
    That's good to hear, will all the seams be sealed as well? How well does the lid seal and the unit its self to the truck, is there a gasket for each? I would prefer to keep the roof intact on my truck is there a entry to the tent its self from the rear? Also having the ability to mount an awning from the sides would be great since there is no longer a roof rack to mount them too. If you need someone to test the thicker wet weather one let me know.

    Oh one other thing, I take it this will be robust enough to take branch hits and lots of rubbing? Two things we have here is lots of rain and lots of branches.
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    I like the concept. I realize versions of this have been available in Europe for some time but kuddos for doing this in the USA!

    I would like to see something done for the 60-series. I would need a product like this to be weather tight no matter what, like others have said. I would also need it to be able to take, at the least light hits offroad. I don't like RTTs due to the ladder and having to climb up in it. This however I do like and would be willing to cut the roof on my truck to fit it. I would probably be interested in something a bit more permanent than clamped to my gutter rails. Possible to modify your product to do this? Also possible to make it a bit more robust so a roof rack could be used for say 200ish lbs of gear?

    Again, cheers on doing this, get one out for a 60-series and I will be pretty serious about doing business with you!

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    Only questions would be in regards to the permanent non external clamp install, already brought up.
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    The lid clamps are just for "go and no show" right now. I am awaiting some proper hardware. It needs to be finished overall. I'm headed out for a couple of nights then it will come apart. I will try to capture some video of it going on and off. Just like a roof rack really.

    I know that the Fiama mounts like used on Sportsmobiles would work well for an awning. The aluminium is 1/8 thick and can handle a solid load. Speaking off, I think I need to weigh out 200lbs+ of wood (that will be a warm fire) and give it a romp around.

    I must say. This has been a fun challenge to develop and very fun and relaxing to text!

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    My 5 year old says we need this for our 60 so I'm in! Nice work, definitely interested.
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    Definitely interested, will come see you at the Expo next month in Flag

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    I love it. This will be the direction I go with my 80. Much more appealing than the RTT. So, two questions, so I am understanding this right. Will access to the popup be possible through the factory sunroof? Secondly, would the structure be strong enough to support a set of load bars for hauling a canoe or kayaks? Looking forward to talking to you about it at Expo. Nice work!
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    Moar please!
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    A look inside. Still not finished...
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