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    "Hi all:

    This is pretty off topic, but I need help promoting a fundraising event for
    my search and rescue organization.

    I am a volunteer with CARDA, a non-profit organization that provides trained
    search and rescue dog teams to help locate missing people. Our teams have
    been involved in many searches you have read about (the Sierra LaMar search,
    the San Bruno fire, etc., etc.) and many more that never made the news.
    CARDA members own, train, and deploy with their dogs, and absorb nearly all
    the expenses.

    We are hoping to bring in enough money to help pay for things like emergency
    veterinary care if our dogs are injured at searches and gasoline costs to
    and from searches. Pet Food Express is helping us by donating 100% of the
    proceeds from any dog wash token purchased at one of their stores on May
    5th, 2012 to CARDA. They are also taking cash donations for us at their
    registers that weekend. If you know a dirty dog (you can save tokens for
    whenever you want to wash your dog) or just want to help, please come to a
    Pet Food Express on May 5th. Please pass this message on to whoever you
    think might be interested. If you can "Like" and share our Facebook Page
    that would be great, too!

    Our promotional video:

    Our Facebook Page:
    Dick Wentworth CARDA 782

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    For those that know Goose she is certified with CARDA.

    Please take the time and check it out

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