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Thread: Rockcrawling TJ not wanting to come out of storage

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob91yj View Post
    Jeeps/Mopar products in general are prone to losing their idle settings in the PCM after a low voltage condition/dead battery. Usually starting them and manually using the throttle to keep them running for a few minutes will restore the settings.

    Glad to hear you got the old iron out and going of these days I'll finish replacing the wiring harness on my old YJ and get it going again.
    I've had this issue on more than one occasion. After the computer reset its self the problem was gone.

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    Glad you got it sorted out for the most part! I do have to laugh at how your TJ gets labeled as "old"!?! haha! Does that make my Scrambler a relic? Or a flatfender a dino-jeep? :O

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