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    Default adding lights into fiberglass topper

    Has anyone ever added lights into a fiberglass topper? I have an ARE shell, was going to put lights on some sliders as camp lights, and rear lights on bars welded to the rear tire carrier, but I was thinking, can I cut into and mold/seal a set of rigid led lights into the shell itself?
    They would be higher up, tucked in and unlikely to get ripped off by branches...etc...

    Anyone have experience with this?

    working with older pic here...But No lights, no new sliders etc:

    Example of where they would be mounted on the sliders, all the way back, on top, in a fabricated box, pointing forward and out, shooting towards 10 and 2 probably, either D2 dually floods or diffused.

    And then, if it can be done, well, with a reasonable cost...fabbed into the fiber glass shell, pointing down and out from the top.

    and of course the lights:
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    It sounds plausible, if you created the hole and then fiberglassed a kind of recess for the light. I'm not a fiberglass expert, but it seems like you should be able to get it to bond.

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    How often are you in very heavy bush that may contact the lights? My last truck I drilled directly into the canopy and surface mounted 4, 6" lights on top of the canopy faceing forward and 2 floods facing backwards. I had that truck 10 years of mild to heavy use in dense brush and other than the odd time I never damaged them or had to re-adjust them. I also sealed all the holes where they mounted and they all used the mounting bolt to run power to the lights so there was no exposed wiring to get caught on.

    I can look through my old pictures if needed, and post

    I would mount them were you want on the surface and then make a small hoop to protect them before I would try to recess them.
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