Thread: Best all-round tyres for a 1960 BSA A10 expedition/adventure bike?

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    Default Best all-round tyres for a 1960 BSA A10 expedition/adventure bike?

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of building a BSA A10 into an over landing/adventure bike, they go on forever, free tax ( in the UK) easily modified and it will add a bit for fun and excitement knowing it may not get to where I am going lol

    Plan is to use it mainly Greenlaning, wild camping and road riding in the UK, I have a land rover for further escapades like Morocco but if it proves reliable I may even choose to take it Morocco instead

    I have built the wheels into 21" and 18" size due to making tyres more easily available than the original 19"

    Im after a set of tyres that handle well on the road ( its not a quick bike nor will I be riding it quick apart from motorways (65mph ish)) but equally good in the mud and possibly sand ( if I were to take it to Morocco)

    I will be fitting the widest tyres I can on it, mainly for looks but I feel safer ( not sure why lol)

    Also cost is an issue, Im building it on a budget so I cant afford expensive tyres, Im just after cheap, functional decent quality

    What do people suggest??

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    well to get everything you want cheap might be a bit of an issue. you'd be better off looking for something used in that case. i am using the Heidenau Scout K60's and i love them. and they are getting very good millage to boot for most people. try to avoid any true knobbies if your going to do much road riding, they will wear out to quick. you will sacrifice something on both ends if you want something that is OK on the street and OK in the dirt.

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    shinko tires are good for the $

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    K60 rear
    TKC80 front
    This is a awsome LONG lasting combo.I have 10,000 miles on mine and they are at about 50%....

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    recently switched to a pirelli mt80 tire on my dual sport. it has great road handling chacteristics, and hooks up well in the sand. please post pix of your bike!

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    Shinko 705's great " endro" tire, great road manners and one of the better on road off road tires I have used off road.
    of course it is not a knobby, but they last a decent number of miles.
    I put a new back tire on my BMW for less then 75 shipped ( it was on sale )
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