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Thread: Tacoma curiousity

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    I know 90% of it is driver error, But I also know that there are times when you think everything is good and then it is'nt. That grassy hill is a perfect example it wasn't wet from rain it was just some dew, but it slicked it up just enough. As for the banning I hate 2 wheel drive trucks in the winter. Now if the people with them had proper tires and weight in the back it wouldn't be so bad, but most are idiots and just get in my way and are dangerous. Summer time driving on roads sure why not. But whatever it's a free country drive what you want. Oh I have made many a bone head moves myself.

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    Ha ha, that reminds me of a story...we had some a decent size property back East, and I had a nice little route I used to ride my 3-Wheeler circumcising it. One part of the "trail" was a little chute between a big ol' oak tree an our fishing pond...well the lower part of the road was covered with grass , and we were having a light rain all day...I was zipping around pretty quick going seeing how fast I can go...well I got going too fast went to make the quick turn by the pond...I turned the handle bars and still went straight...straight into the I wrestled with that thing for an hour or so, sinking up to my knees in the mud. Finally came to my senses and went grabbed our 4WD F250 and chains to drag the Yammie to shore...she got water in the motor...luckily I hit the killswitch before she sucked it through the I didn't snap the rod. Took the rest of the day to get her running again...

    As for the idiots on the road, heck we are all idiots one time or another, no one is perfect, we are human after all...even professionals wipe out every once and when Montoya ran into the back of the track dryer truck....LOL


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