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I have to evaluate a trwo or three vehicle option, because two more friends are thinking of doing it, on their own fields. As Douglas stated, the problem of comfort for long staying living and working, with private areas is going to be hard to figure out, but then again, it is an expedition, not a luxury vacation.
There are some other variables to consider:

-- How many strong persons do you have in your party, and,

-- How often are you moving.

A typical overland party is two adults, one male and one female. And typically, you move every day or so. This puts a tremendous premium on ease. If you have been driving all day, you don't want to pitch a tent in the dark, in the rain, in the Plaza de Armas, with a crowd of kids, and then take it down the next morning.

But, if you have three vehicles, with three strong adults, and you are not going to move for a week, then a heavy tent may be all you need. You just have to consider your needs.

I started out here:

(Camping outside of Arequipa, Peru.)

But now I want to be here:

Tiger 001.jpg

Indoor plumbing and heat have much to recommend themselves! ¡Y a los Caraquenos les gusta el lujo!