Thread: NateGeo real time trcking going black

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    Default NateGeo real time trcking going black

    I understand this isn't a tech support forum but since we use this equipment a lot someone might be able to help.
    Neither Garmin nor NatGeo TOPO tech support can help. Each one says the others equipment is to blame.
    Garmin GPS 60 CSX and NatGao TOPO state series V4.5.Toshiba laptop running Windows 7
    The problem occurs ONLY when doing real time tracking AND moving. The laptop screen doesn't go black when doing real time tracking and staying still.
    After a few minutes of realtime tracking the center 1/3 goes black and the only way to get the screen black is to restart the computer.
    Has anyone had this sort of problem? Any isea how to fix the issue??

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    The first thing I would do - yes, very basic - is to make sure your video driver is the most current version.......

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