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    Talking TJM 7" Lift "Kit"...

    My personal choice was 2.5" Old Man Emu, fits 35" (they rub a bit) I didnít change anything else. I removed rear sway bar to gain articulation, but it was not required.

    Cat Head choice was 6Ē Slee Off Road, fits 37Ē, he cut body a bit, both sway bars removed, pinion and ring, is one the best option out there, includes everything youíll need. In fact, we bought and ship another kit to a friend in Venezuela. He replaced shocks for Bilsteins.

    Rustyís is basically the same as Cat Head, just with custom control arm, he used ball joint instead of bushing for radical articulation. The highway driving is not a friendly as Cat Headís.

    Ohanís choose TJM 7Ē, the reason of this post. In my opinion, the kit is not as complete as the Sleed one. In other to compare apples to apples, you need to add to TJM drive shaft and upper control arms at least. Anyways, here are the first steps on that truck:

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    Nicely done! What is the reasoning behind going 7" water / mud etc?
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    none of that in California, I guess that it was the owner's choice... but not sure what support it... big rocks?

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