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    Default Dual battery setup in 1997 4runner

    Hello all,

    Over the last few weeks we have been reading up on how to install two deep cycle batteries in a 1997 4Runner, we mostly got all the information from, so Kudos to everyone who has posted their detailed photos and step by step instructions.

    Here is a series of photos of how we did it. Note that we are still waiting for The National Luna Intelligent solenoid, so we will post the wiring photos as soon as we have that up and running.

    What we used:
    • Optima Dual Battery Box from RuffStuff
    • Optimal Yellow top 34, and secondary battery
    • Optima Red top 34/78, as starter battery
    • Overflow reservoir pipe - roughly a foot and a half
    • 1985 Toyota Overflow reservoir -smaller than the stock overflow reservoir on the 1997
    • Some Teflon spacers to support the batteries (not shown in photos, forgot to take the photos)
    • 4 x 8m 3.5inch Bolts, nuts and lock washers
    • a can of Engine enamel to stop the box from rusting (it rusts quickly, and is not treated when you receive it.)

    Two Optima's and a Dual battery case

    What they look like in the tray before it was painted - note the start of rust one week after arrival.

    Stock battery removed - note the battery mount and fuze mount is still in place

    From a different angle - note the over flow bottle, that needs to move

    Cut made to plastic cover on radiator - we used a dremel tool to make the cuts and left the mounting bolts in place for added support, note the overflow bottle is gone

    we removed the fuse box bracket and cut out the original battery mount bracket

    Dual batteries in the new tray installed.

    made a custom bracket for the overflow bottle - the stock bottle is too big so we used a overflow bottle from a 1985 Toyota pickup it fit perfectly and does not touch or rub against any other parts

    Here is a link to the Installation and Wiring article for the Duals Battery system we installed in our 1997 4runner

    Wiring and diagrams with Photos

    Installing the dual battery system with Photos

    Comments, thoughts?
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    Clean setup and install. Nice write up.

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    Talk about just in time! I am thinking about doing something similar. You have taken all the guesswork out of the design for me. Thanks a million!

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