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    Default NATO Fuel Can Nozzles - Coleman's surplus

    I just got one of these and it looks well made and fits into unleaded vehicle fillers. Fits well on the swiss fuel can I tried - will try a few others I have around.

    Includes a plastic nozzle holder which can be attached to the top of the can to allow storage of the nozzle - although I think it would fall off if left on when driving.

    They had a cheaper one previously for $9.95 which I heard was marginal.

    NATO Nozzle - $19.95

    "Brand new from the factory in Europe, this is NOT the cheap imitation nozzle flooding the market. This nozzle has a metal spout with an attached flexible hard plastic tip. The rubber gasket and clamp leaver keeps the nozzle snug to the can. Mounting hardware is included to attach nozzle to top of can when not in use. Manufactured to fit the NATO Gerry Can. Unused condition."

    Item #: 452701

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    This is the nozzle I use with my NATO cans. It fits well, the only thing I don't like is the rubber adapter end for unleaded fuel, it can come off during filling if the can is moving very much. I guess a little RTV would probably keep it it place.

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