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Thread: my new 1124 ak

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    Default my new 1124 ak

    Hello everyone
    This is my first post on this forum,Ive been involved in and around Mercedes Unimogs here in the UK for the last twenty years.You may well ask why I have bought a 1124ak,Its becouse I am comming up for fifty in a couple of years and all my kids are grown up and I fancy traveling a bit. Im sure its been pointed out before the benifits of both truck based camper and Unimog but for me its a combination of comfort and cost. I did some asking around and was told to contact the right man and so ive ended up with a 240 hp 80 mph 11 tonner ex fire engine that ive got home today and started ripping to bits (taking of the fire equipment off). Ill try and do a build profile, but I tend to bat on with these things and in the past forget to take photo's. I would like to know if anyone could tell me where I could buy some 20" split rims as I have some Hutchinson run flats and I dont wont to go much larger in diameter due to the high ratio I allready have on the 10r 22.5.
    I'll try to put some photo,s up tomorrow.
    Regards Allroads

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    Welcome aboard - look forward to lots of photos
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    If you are looking to put singles on the rear, your current tire diameter is only ~40.5", smaller than 365/80R20, which have a load capacity of 7870 lb/tire. Although it goes up to 10000 lb if you can find XZY or XZA road treads rather than the more common XZL. The 365s are as small as you'd want to go. 335/80R20s are 40.7" but have an insufficient load capacity of 5780-6880 lb/tire.
    The 365s usually fit onto an 11" single piece rim but sell a bolttogether 10" rim:
    The offset of 120mm might not work to give the proper track even if you "flip" them in the rear.

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    cheers fellers, my friend has some of these

    From outside edge is 35mm to centre flange
    From inside edge is 270mm to centre flange
    Centre of stud is 270mm (PCD)
    Centre flange clearance is 220mm
    Part No 424 401 20 01 Sales Code R26
    Wheel offset 110mm as fitted to U1600/U1650

    Ive not had anything to do with single's on a lorry chassis but appreciate the vehicle weght will be reduced but by how much ?
    here she is as I bought her

    Ive spent the weekend and the body is now ready to lift off,there must be a ton of alluminium in this thing. In the picture she weighs 7400Kg

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    Those wheels look like they take conical lug nuts. Do your current wheels take conical or flat lug nuts?
    If they do take conical nuts they are not "flippable".
    Your question on weight - does it refer to GVM? If so, it depends on the tires you intend to mount (13.00R20 XL??) and the placarded axle rating.
    I know in Australia a single rear conversion must be approved by the Transport Dept and therefore engineered. What about the UK?

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    Sorry it's been so long, been right through the mechanical side of things got a body on the back and started the interior about six months ago.its a GRP body that I have insulated the roof with 2" of king span and the walls and floor with 1" with a 1/4 " gap both sides it's been 30deg c lately and when working in it midday is no problem it's nice and cool, got some windows and the door the deciding wall is in place two bunk beds shower room is in place and Kitchin units are half finished.
    Was going to put some photos up but can not remember how I'll have to ask my son !

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    Good to see another MB build. Looking forward to seeing the progress!
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    I was very lucky to find this as I believe they are rare and any that have been released have ended up in Africa or in private fire service luckily I have a friend who works in blues and two's for Mercedes here in the UK.
    The first is what she looks like now the second is the decals my son has done and the new wheels the rear wheels are not my ideal I don't like the look but I have been advised that this will be fine due to the reduction in weight over the back axle, I'm hoping the overall weight will be no more than 9 tonnes as opposed to 13 tonnes that she was, I wonder if I could order the wider axle case and new half shafts ?
    Will try and get some pictures of the interior this week.
    I have a friend here in the UK with a 917 can you put some pictures up of yours Joe
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    Its looking good, we have fitted 22.5 super singles on our 917, we had good clearance on the rear wheels but as we fitted the interior and water etc the wheels have got tighter to the body. I am now considering fitting air bags as assisters with a valve arrangement to self level the camper when parked but I have yet to find out if this is possible. Is your tuck fitted with an auto gearbox?

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    Yes it's a ZF I had a drive in an Alison auto but it felt sluggish compared to the ZF plus mine has a water retarder on the box which is amazing you rarely need the foot brakes, in fact I've had a few cars close to hitting me from behind probably because there is so little weight on it now !

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