Thread: Reverse / Night Trail Run / Camp LED light suggestions?

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    Default Reverse / Night Trail Run / Camp LED light suggestions?

    I would like to add one or two lights to my rack for reversing and to switch on for night wheeling, a popular methodology in Alaska since it is dark so much of the year. The ones I have seen (but do not remember the name of) first hand were easily adjusted for angle, allowing them to be aimed nearly straight down to illuminate the rig without blinding the following trucks. Then of course it could be adjusted for normal reversing duty. I would like an LED due to the very low power consumption and uber powerful lighting is not needed for this particular application, but I would like to get something pretty bright so it could be a camp work light as well.

    Anyone have an LED recommendation for this application or a good suggestion on how to wire one for an 80 series roof rack?
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    I have seen these installed on a few trucks with good reviews.

    If your not set on LED, I have had these on my truck for a year or so. They work just as well, if not better, for $9. Power consumption is the drawback.
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