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    Default Teal Panels modular camper

    Teal Panels is a Colorado company that has designed a series of modular wall, corner and roof panels that can be assembled into a variety of shelters. One plan creates the body of a shelter that can be attached to a trailer chassis, or fitted onto a flatbed pickup.

    To me, the really interesting part is that the panels can be quickly reconfigured into different shapes. For example, a group towing three or four trailers could create a large base camp building after arriving at a destination. Or a disaster relief team could create a weatherproof medical facility in a couple of hours using the modular panels.

    Photos and discussion here

    Here's the Teal Panels web site
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    Pretty neat. I'm thinking this would be a good alternative to a cabover.

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    Now that's what I'm talking about. Great idea. Maybe not sleek, slick, aerodynamic, but still............great idea

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