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    Default For Sale 07 KLR 650 + free laptop! Argentina/Paraguay

    This is a pre-nowned KLR 650. It was purchased in Texas USA with 4000 miles. It now has 24,000 miles.

    Iím the only owner since. It and myself are currently in Cordoba Argentina until May 20, and soon in Asuncion Paraguay until May 30. Willing to meet somewhere close or along the way.

    I have a flight back to the USA at the end of May from Paraguay. If this bike is purchased before I leave I will include an Acer Aspire Laptop (+ charger). 200 GB hard drive, 1.7 GHz, 2 GB memory, windows XP. 12 ďscreen. The perfect traveling laptop.

    It has been taken of extremely well with routine oil +filter changes every 2500-3000 miles, has a new Pirelli Scorpion tire on the back, vales have been regulated recently and a new OEM air filter has been put in.

    This is my third KLR owned and can tell you itís been taken well care of. This is the second KLR from the US I sell in South America, I can help you and even do the paper work and transfer of title. Its quite simple and can be done in less than a day, I have the connections for that.

    Asking $2800

    Contact Ė Alex @

    Please contact me for further questions or anything else. Thanks

    Chain and Sprockets changed at 20,000 miles
    New battery put in at 20,000 miles
    Valves at 20,000 miles
    Kawasaki dealership tune up at 7000 miles, 17,000 miles
    Front fork oil and seals replaced at 18,000 miles
    New Air filter 20,000 miles
    Perili Scorpion MT60 new at 23,000

    15 Liter Tank bag
    Front tank panniers (2) (not water proof but work just as good if you put things in a plastic bag inside)
    Vista Cruise Control
    KLR tool kit
    3 tie down straps
    Extra rear tube
    Highway Pegs
    Magnetic Oil Plug
    Pelican 1600 mounted on rear tail with free stickers
    Liquid Slime tube Sealant
    4 keyís alike Brinks Padlocks
    Extra oil filters
    Master Links
    Chain cutting tool

    Not included: 2 side 37 liter panniers + mount (negotiable)
    Front fork brace (negotiable)
    Tire Irons (negotiable)
    Master Pad lock and anti theft cable 15 ft (negotiable)

    I have another KLR waiting for me at home to which Iím taking these items too, but Iíd be willing leave them on the bike for the right price so I donít have to haul them back.

    Not so new things- Some of the front side plastic is a bit scratched and faded

    There are some stickers on the bike and pelican case, which can be removed without damage if desired.

    The plastic were the license plate hangs broke so a metal replacement was installed

    Screws on the side plastic panels donít match (one flat head others Phillips)

    The rubber on the throttle grip is a bit worn

    Only thing is that the laptop screen was cracked, has two black spots the size of half dollars. It works perfectly fine if you donít mind moving around the windows a bit to get around the black smudges when needed.

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    Awesome looking bike. I don't want to clutter up your thread but just out of curiosity how much a month are you spending on fuel and how many miles are you covering? If i have enough to fly down and ride back to the U.S. I might be interested. Thanks for your time.

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