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    I have just heard the sad news that a member of our community, Ingrid Bareuther recently passed away following a tragic accident in Argentina. Ingrid and her partner Joerg were travelling around the world in their Unimog. I had the pleasure of spending a few days with them here in Canada when they were passing through, and also at last year's Overland Expo. Apparently Ingrid fell to her death while while scaling a canyon in Argentina.

    In the brief time that I was able to spend with Ingrid, she made a lasting impression on me with her zest for life, her unbridled enthusiasm and her great sense of humour. She was a true adventurer at heart and passed away doing what she loved, on the trip of a lifetime. She will be missed by all of those people who's lives and hearts she touched along the way.

    My thoughts and prayers are with her partner Joerg.

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    Very tragic

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    Dear friends of
    This note is to announce the suspension of our trip log and to thank all of you for your regard continued interest.
    The website will remain up for you to share with
    your friends.

    For now it will stand as a memorial to the love of my life.

    During the ascent of a canyon in Argentina Ingrid fell from a cliff edge and passed away within minutes of me getting to her.
    When my life gets back to some kind of normal, I will write a final entry to a magnificent and tragic journey.
    My love to you all until you here from me again.

    Joerg Bareuther

    So sad.

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    Wish him comfort and glad they got to share their dreams together.

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    Extremely sad indeed. I met them first at Overland Expo and we then spend some time together when they stopped at Panama Passage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by XJBANKER View Post
    ..glad they got to share their dreams together.
    Agreed. Whilst it won't help now, hopefully in time Joerg will appreciate the incredible time they have had together and that a day on a trip like that can be worth a month or more of 'normal' life where jobs etc. interfere with relationships. The close bond that develops during the exploration and exercising of the relationship has surprising effects under the incredible pressures of sustained travel, and it sounds like they really grew closer and stronger.

    The world is a little darker and sadder for us all today, I really enjoyed the vitality and lust for life that poured out of their reporting of this incredible adventure. I hugged my girlfriend extra tight after reading this entry this morning, my thoughts are with Joerg this evening.


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    Just got some words from Joerg. Hopefully it's okay to share here, as I know many people knew them.

    To all of you who reached out to me in my time of devastation and despair,
    your words and affection have allowed an almost unbearable situation
    become the catharsis of tears that was necessary for me to make it through
    this midnight in my life.

    What you experienced of Ingrid's life, came back to me in your words
    like a lyrics in a song of hope about a wonderful person we all loved.

    My task is to step beyond this enormous loss and try to live up to the blessing
    this beautiful intelligent women was to me.

    It is no small thing to have a wife that becomes a model for your own sense of goodness
    after they are gone, but that is her gift to me. Her goodness will be my talisman.

    The Germans have a saying that resonates for me now and possesses a transcendent gravity.

    "Only the person who is forgotten, is truly dead"

    Deeply touched by your love:

    Your Friend

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    Kat and I are very saddened and touched by this tragedy. Our thoughts are for all who were close to Ingrid.

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    While it's of little consolation to those left behind IMHO there can't be a better way to go than while doing what you always wanted to. Her life was pleasure to the last minute, and that is cause to celebrate. Keep travelling Joerg; she is still with you and you know that's what she wants. The amazing thing is that now she's with all of us. Love and support.

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    What an inspiring woman! Cheers to a great life, positive energy lives on forever.

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