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Okay...newbie question of the day.

I can hit two IRLP repeaters (FYI Mark...I can hit Prescott's on high power! Grand Canyon, on Bill Wms. Mtn. is the other.).

Once controlling the IRLP node, is there another process to connect to the Western Reflector?

(Getting there...slowly...hoping to not step on any toes... )
After controlling the node (I am assuming there is a code you typed to do this) then you type in the node you want to connect to, 9251 for the node the ExPo net is usually on (you do this by pressing the PTT and keying the numbers at the same time then release the PTT) . It should say that it is connected once you do that.

It will be great to hear you on the future nets, I really enjoyed the one when you talked about all the Wilderness EMT info.