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Thread: Sportsmobile Fuso

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    Default Sportsmobile Fuso

    When I heard that Sportsmobile was doing a Fuso chassis, I was really anxious to see what they came up with. Now having seen the pix on the OX12 threads, I have to say I'm kind of disappointed.

    Seems like all they did was basically winch a Trailmanor SportDeck trailer up on the Mitsu chassis.


    Now, I've always been fascinated by the Trailmanor trailers, and I've thought of putting one on a truck chassis myself, but I really expected more from Sportsmobile.

    And as far as I can tell from the pictures, they didn't even give Trailmanor any credit.

    Speaking of credit, the Sportsmobile pic I borrowed from Suntinez's post on the other thread. Hope you don't mind...
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    I, too, was anxiously awaiting to see what they'd do and was rather disappointed. We have a 2002 Sportsmobile van and will be looking for a global camper in four years. I have been really impressed with the Earth Cruiser and, after talking to a few folks who are familiar with their products, will be giving them my business. Although, four years is a long time away and things do change...

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    I think you will be much happier with Sportsmobile in the near future as they work out the thought process behind a Fuso build.
    You have to remember this is a complete departure from the vans they are used to building and this rig was pretty much still in wet paint when it left for OX12.

    The SMB West guys are a good group of people and a voice deep inside says they will work hard to make sure the next rig that rolls out is impressive.....but it doesn't hurt to talk to them now and voice your concerns. Maybe that will be the push they need
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn View Post
    , but I really expected more from Sportsmobile.

    I was really hoping for a prototype of a better idea.

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    Wow, THAT was their prototype?


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    Yeah, I too was a little surprised that it was a "sportsmobile". I think the idea was great, simple, and easy for a couple. I have, however, read a lot of threads on here stating that a typical camper built in the USA is not strong enough to hold up to much abuse on harsh roads. I wonder how well this will hold up to back country travel.

    I do think it is a neat idea, and I liked it a lot. I just was surprised that it was an SM. I think on a Fuso the SM should be a small version of the GXV Pangea. That is what I really had expected. I think that if they went this route they would find a lot of business out there. Who knows really. I guess for a first shot in the dark it was a step in the right direction. I hope that we can expect greater things from SM in the future!
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    Is it just me, or do others also think that this thing is really ugly?
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    It looks like it's setting on there backwards. Maybe if they turned it around...

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    Probably looks a lot better going down the road with the roof in the down position.
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    I think it would look better reversing up the road...

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