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    On The Road.....
    When my head hit the pillow Monday night, I was fairly certain that I'd spend a second night in Ciudad Constitucion, and indeed that's exactly what we did. The days and nights spent camping in the damp, salty air of the Pacific Ocean had taken its toll on me, and I relished the dry, warm air here. As usual the dogs and I were up early and out for our morning walk. I spotted a hawk looking for a morning meal.....


    We spent the remainder of the day walking around town or hanging out at the campsite. We ate lunch at a Mexican Wafflehouse.....since this isn't a tourist town, we paid about $2.50 U.S. for our meal. It's actually a nice change to be in a town like I mentioned previously, Gringos don't hang out here.....


    This time I was able to walk some of the side streets. I came across this beautiful church.....




    I'm guessing that Ciudad Constitucion is a farming community but it's only a guess surmised from some of the shops I saw. This store was unusually appealing with it's scents and colors.....




    And then it was a quiet evening at the campground.....we were the only ones staying here.....

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    On The Road.....

    Two nights in Ciudad Constitucion was plenty.....and we are once again retracing our path as we drive northeast towards Loreto. But this time I decided to make a stop in Ciudad Insurgentes, since I blew through it my last time. I assumed it would be similar to Ciudad Constitucion but it was not, it was much smaller and didn't have near the character. Our stay was short.....just a brief walk through town.....


    Then it was back on Mex 1 and a few hours later (it always takes me longer than google Maps says it will) we are nearing Loreto. I made a stop at a viewing point for the Sea of Cortez along the roadside.....


    As I looked out across the sea I could see something breaking the surface of the water. I grabbed the binoculars and could see a school of porpoises (I think anyhow). They were fairly large and there were plenty of them (whatever they were). We were probably 100' above the water and as I looked down I could see a school of silvery fish along the shoreline. With the help of the binoculars I could clearly see a school of small sharks, not one being over 18" long I'd guess. It was truly amazing.....


    Now it was time to return to Loreto. My last stay here was brief and filled with drama. I remember writing that I didn't care for Loreto. With the help of iOverlander I found a different campground, this also located downtown but at less than half the cost ($7 U.S. per night). It's quiet, and we are the only ones camped here.....the last one was packed and noisy. My thoughts on Loreto are changing.....


    The day was filled with walks around town and along the beach, Mexican food at a nice restaurant, and then more walking around the town square once the sun set. Now I'm finding myself liking Loreto quite a bit.....




    As a frequent traveler I should have known better than to have formed such hasty opinions about a place as large as this that I visited so briefly. I was here less than 24 hours on my last visit.....I'm not doing that again. I'll be paying for a second night at the campground and I'll be visiting with an open mind.....
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