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    Hey there Jerry, well I've been following your progress since about 2013, or there abouts, wasn't a member then,,,, just watching "Chit" happening, was in Montana's Bitter-Root Valley, before coming North to Alaska in 2002, to finish out my Career. I've been doing this Overland/Outbacking,,, Boon-Docking Camping, Traveling since about the Mid-70's,,,,, mostly in the Western States,,, ie... N.Calif., Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, E.Wash., Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and I was taking Photos with a "Polaroid" in those days, and a "Nikon" a Film loaded Type of Camera,,,,, I'm looking into having some of those "Photos" put on a "Disk" so I can Down-load accordingly, for this "Digital-Age",,,, that were in now,,,,, we'll see how all that goes, now that I'm retired. I've attached some Photos for your Viewing-Pleasure,,,, as it appears we've got a lot in common,,,, as I too, pull my Jeep CJ-7 along with me, and my Co-Pilot sits 2nd seat, when he isn't "Napping" that is.
    And, as my Grand-Dad used to say, You Take Care Now & keep your Nose in the Wind, and your Eyes on the Sky-Line.

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    USMC 1st Mar/Div. 7th Engr.'s VietNam 69-71 -[Semper-Fi]-

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    Yep BD.....we definitely have quite a bit in common and our pasts are similar in many ways.....but where’s your dog picture ?

    After a night spent in Gila Bend, Arizona, we were up and headed south on Route 89. I saw this garage as we were leaving town, and of course thought of XP member Park Kitchings and his travel companion.....


    Our next stop would be Organ Pipe National Monument just north of the border with Sonoyta, Mexico.....


    I’m really struggling with my decision regarding entering Mexico this year. The three factors that come into play are that it’s so late in the season, the cost of insurance for what would probably be a six week stay, and the fact that the new truck only burns ultra clean diesel fuel (which is only available in northern Baja). So we got ourselves a spot in the park and are hanging out here for a few nights.....


    I took the Jeep down to the border, walked into Mexico where I grabbed a cab, and took the three mile ride into town so I could check out Sonoyta, Mexico.....


    Sonoyta is pretty much a dirty, little border town built at the intersection of several major roadways. I’d have to say it’s probably my least favorite of all the Mexican towns I’ve visited.....


    I generally enjoy grabbing something freshly cooked from a street vendor when I visit a Mexican town, but not much to be had seemed as though guys selling stuff from the back of their trucks was the norm here.....


    Maybe this church was the most interesting building I saw in Sonoyta.....


    Stopped in for some freshly baked bread before crossing the border once again and returning to the U.S.....


    I had read on the internet that driving through Sonoyta is the price you must pay to reach the Sea of Cortez.....and now I understand why.....

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    My profile picture is Montana (of JerryYukonMontana).....never have I had such a good friend in my life. He will be missed forever.....

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