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Thread: Pat Around the Americas 2012

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    Default Pat Around the Americas 2012

    I had the great pleasure to pop round to Overland International in Prescott AZ earlier today and meet up with some of the folks there - a visit that has now become part of my overland adventure riding my XT660Z Tenere from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina up to Alaska.

    On the off chance that there are readers out there that my find my ramblings of interest, here is the link to the latest blog entry. We pick up the story as I leave Costa Rica and enter Nicaragua:



    But please feel free to dig through earlier posts and the additional information that I am updating as I travel (when I have the time).

    Also if you like what you see, and are so inspired, please feel free to click on the link on the top right of my webpage and donate something to UNICEF - to help the kids in each of the countries through which I am travelling (including the US).

    I´ll add a little post here each time I update the site - just to let you know there is something new to see - or you can subscribe to the site direct.

    Many thanks

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    Through Honduras in this latest episode - and did I get ripped-off... of course I did!!


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    Default Pat around the Americas

    The portal front page is featuring a series of blog posts by a fellow named Pat who is traveling solo on a Yamaha XT660Z Tenere motorcycle from Buenos Aires down to Ushuaia and on up the Panamericana to Alaska. The blog is well written, with lots of useful tips for 2 and 4 wheel travelers alike.

    For example, Pat has detailed descriptions of the customs procedures as he passes from me country to the next. In a section called "Stats," Pat is keeping track of the fuel economy (45 to 54 mpg) and maintenance his Yamaha requires as he travels.

    Most interesting to me are Pat's reflections as he travels. As you might expect, traveling alone provides opportunities for lots of soul searching, and Pat records some of this in the blog.

    Pat is now in Honduras and heading north. Hopefully some ExPo readers will have a chance to meet Pat as he makes his way to Alaska. The address for the blog is

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    Thanks Haven

    Here is the link to the latest entry - we´re now in lovely Guatemala. Read on!

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    Here is the latest episode. Viva Mexico - but there may be troubles ahead...


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    A request for help this time round - more on the trip soon.


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    Great posting Pat. I hope that your stories on Expo helps bringing donations to this cause - it's a great one.

    CTO Expedition Portal

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    Pat has detailed descriptions of the customs procedures as he passes from me country to the next.

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    Thanks for the support folks.

    Back on the road - and it’s the end of Mexico – but not the end of me, despite shoot outs and hurricanes. Read on...


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    Its onwards and upwards in the latest episode of Pat Around the Americas... well more like onwards and sidewards as we head more west than north after finally arriving in the good ol US of A.


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