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Thread: Pat Around the Americas 2012

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    Cheers Herm and Merv - thanks for posting. Glad you liked the shots - there sure have been a few toasty moments this summer! Hope all is back to normal now. And, yes, loads of fun - but probably the hardest thing has been dragging myself away from many of the places... this gets touched on again in the latest update where I clock up 30,000 kms in the ongoing saga of (what seems to be) my 4 month battle against strong winds!!

    Lots more to see and do though... but will I make it to Alaska?

    If you like reading the scribbles as much as I enjoy writing them, have a think about how you can help Unicef enable loads of kids have more fun too (through your donation).

    See link:


    Oh. Almost forgot... here are some taster shots from this episode:
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    Dawson City, as close to a living wild west town as you will find anywhere today - and I loved it.

    But things were really getting hard, read about it by clicking on the link:


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    These were important days in my trip - no surprise why - read about them in this latest eposide:


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    We have magical McCarthy and the Haines Highway in this latest episode of the journey. Only two more chapters to go... read on.


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    As I load up this penultimate episode from the trip, I noticed that I´ve just racked up 30,000 hits on the website. Very many thanks to you all for your interest and I hope you like this latest offering:


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    The last episode from my trip is now available -

    After over 20,000 miles of solo travel, please give what you can to Unicef at:

    I´ve also uploaded more information on The Gear, with reviews and recommendations. And work is already underway uploading reviews of the bike and Idris' modifications. So more info to come.


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    Well the story might be over, for now, but the flow of information continues.

    If you are interested, I´ve finished uploading the reviews of all the gear I took along with me here:

    And reviews of the bike and all the modifications, here:

    Hope these views on how things held up prove of interest to some.


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    In this last post about the trip, I wrap up the story with some thoughts looking back... and looking forward.

    I continue to update the supporting pages of the website - and have, for example, just finished calculating the final full costs (I was putting that bit off). I knew I had blown my budget. By the time I got to the USA and encountered those baking hot days, it was all I could do but dive into some aircon powered motel! Nevertheless, it wasn´t quite as bad as I thought. And it gives me a firm target for my fundraising - so please feel free to give to UNICEF if you haven´t already.

    Work on the book is well underway, and I hope to be bouncing drafts around in the coming months - so watch this space on that front also. And, just like the blog and website, the book will also be geared towards raising funds for UNICEF. Please do what you can.

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